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  • Don’t Break


    It’s not time.

    Hanging by threads

    Holding up the weight of life

    Don’t break


    There is so much

    To know about heart

    Too much feeling

    Can break it apart


    Life is so bitter

    Your sweetness has

    Forever been there

    I guess you ran out


    Putting on makeup

    Is your job

    Not the mortician’s

    Don’t falter

    Don’t Break

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    OMFG OKAY SO one of my classmates, L, came into lesson late this morning wearing a full circle princess dress, and eye shadow and eyeliner. He said to our teacher, “Sorry I am late” as we all looked up, he sat down. It was followed by laughter and giggles mostly from girls. Some of the boys were just in awe.

    "Why are you wearing a dress, L?" I asked him
    “Because I felt like looking pretty today” He smiled confidently but seemed quite conscious that everyone went a little quiet.

    THEN my friend (you can see her hand in the picture, holding a blue marker) walks in and says, “WHAT THE FUCK, thats taking the piss.”
    I quickly said, ” He looks great, he can wear whatever he wants”
    She goes, ” No yeah I KNOW but what the fuck he puts on eyeliner and wears dresses better than I do!”


    Forever reblog

    that’s gonna be me in a few years

    he’s hella cute 1000/10

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    by Andrew Root

    “At least it’ll give us something to complain about.”

    I have a coffee mug without a handle. Granted, it’s difficult to drink anything hot out of it without constantly shifting the cup from hand to hand, or sipping quickly then setting it back down. It’s a warm shade of…

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     Derek taking a break, drinking hot milk or something… ♥

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    Soviet poster for MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (Dziga Vertov, USSR, 1929)

    Designers: Vladimir (1899-1982) and Georgii Stenberg (1900-1933)

    Poster source: Christie’s

    MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA was just voted the Greatest Documentary of All Time in a Sight & Sound poll of 340 critics, programmers and filmmakers.

    (And this poster was sold for $176,000 at auction in November 2012, making it one of the ten most expensive movie posters of all time.)

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